I think, therefore I think?

(With apologies to Descartes)

I think, therefore I think I exist. I think I exist because I think. Does thinking that I exist, or not, alter or not the reality of whether or not I exist? I think not, surely I exist or not, whether or not I think it or not.

There are people that I think exist, but I do not know if they think they exist or not. Therefore it matters not to me whether or not they think they exist, I think they exist. So it must matter not to others whether or not I think I exist or not, they will think I exist or not.

If it is you who is to judge if I exist or not, how can that be? You may exist or not. We may both think that we each exist, and also that the other exists, but we still only think that we each exist because the other thinks, as we do, that we each exist and that the other exists. But we both exist or not.

So who then is to judge if we both exist or not? Others may think that we exist or not, but who are they to judge? They may exist or not.

If enough people that I think exist, think that I exist, then that encourages me to think that I exist, and I am therefore encouraged to think that they exist.

We all then believe that we each exist because we think that we exist, and others that we think exist, think that we exist, which encourages us to think that they exist, who in turn are encouraged to think that they exist.

Makes you think.

Do we exist? Or do we only exist if we have faith in our existence?

Okay, okay, it's only just a bit of fun, not to be taken seriously! I actually received a complaint that, unlike my other pages, it wasn't a logical argument! I do have a sense of humour, I have included pages on UFO's , astrology and telekinesis.

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