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The Big Bang, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Time, Light Speed, Gravity, Electromagnetism, all have their theories that attempt to explain why these things are the way they are. These theories form part of our understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe, but are of course unable to provide all the answers we seek.

All theories have problems in that they cannot be proven to be absolutely correct, they do not necessarily accurately describe the way things really are. They are constructed as a working model that is a useful aid to our understanding, of observed phenomenon and as a method of predicting future outcomes. When a theory is found to be wrong, it is either discarded, or as is more generally the case, modified, until it again appears to match the observations. A theory, no matter how well it appears to accurately describe any phenomenon, is provisional, it can never be proven to be completly correct, but it may be proven wrong. It will therefore always be impossible to claim a final theoretical solution to anything.

"As being is to becoming, so is truth to belief. If then, Socrates, amid the many opinions about the gods and the generation of the universe, we are not able to give notions which are altogether and in every respect exact and consistent with one another, do not be surprised. Enough if we deduce probabilities as likely as any others; for we must remember that I who am the speaker and you who are the judges are only mortal men". (Plato)

"Although the universe is under no obligation to make sense, students in pursuit of the Ph.D. are". (Robert P. Kirshner)

Many people today seem to believe that just about everything in physics and cosmology is pretty much wrapped up, with just a few loose ends to tidy up. Far from it, the deeper I delve into theories the more I discover how much is not understood, it has often surprised me.

In the following pages I ask the questions that the theories leave unanswered, these are my theories with problems. I also raise issues that just happen to occupy my mind, even though they may be nothing more than philosophising or just plain speculating.


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