Telekinesis: Fact or fantasy?

If you want to know about telekinesis then you have come to the right place. This entire site is all about facts and science and that is what is applied here in this telekinesis section. This is a very rare TK site in that it actually attempts to study the subject in an objective, rational and logical manner. So rare in fact I haven't yet found another.

I have made a very thorough investigation into TK, not just reading internet sites, but actually carrying out my own experiments. The results have been very revealing. I have included videos for you to look at so you can see that what I am saying is correct. If you want to go straight there first, that's okay. Videos From there you can link to all the tests and full explanations should you so wish. This site is arranged in such a manner that at each step you are offered more information should you be interested.

If after reading through my articles you still think you have TK, then this page is a must for you! So you think you have TK?

A summary of my conclusions: I have been able to demonstrate that the two most commonly used tests for TK, that of spinning the psi wheel and rotating a straw on a glass bottle, I can do easily without any TK involved whatsoever, and without any trickery, and so can you. If you think this type of information is going to annoy you then I suggest you leave now, that is why I have summarised my findings here at the start. If you want to insist TK is real, regardless of the facts, then you have come to the wrong site, go here instead and continue to keep your head buried in the sand. If you believe in TK, and especially if you are a member of ppsociety, you should read this page before posting any comments, it may save you unnecessary effort. TK - FAQ's

If you think ppsociety's "Science Corner" arguments make any sense, read this page and join the real world.The Hutchison Effect

The fact that I have been able to duplicate these two popular TK stunts does not of course prove that TK does not exist. Even if I were able to duplicate every single claimed TK stunt it still would not prove that TK does not exist. It would only prove that all TK stunts can be done without TK, which is not the same thing as saying there is no TK. However, it would make claims for TK look very silly indeed if they were all done by non-TKers! You would just have to draw your own conclusions as to the actual likelihood of TK existing, as is the case now of course. However, what I have done by demonstrating that the two most popular TK stunts have nothing to do with TK, is to cast doubt on the other claims made by TKers. For example, can TKers really move a paper psi wheel when it is covered with a glass bowl? You will be able to decide on that for yourself after reading through my experiments and looking at my videos.

As a matter of interest, I can't help but wonder how many so called TK stunts I would have to duplicate before TKers finally accepted that it is not TK? How about if I managed the Holy Grail of TK and managed to spin a paper psi wheel under cover? Would that be enough? I somehow doubt it, they would just say, "ah, yes, but you still haven't levitated a pencil", or whatever. Has anyone levitated a pencil?

Just a couple of points before looking at my experiments and videos, just to clear up a few things

What is TK? As far as I am concerned here TK is the claimed ability to move objects by an act of will, as opposed to using any physical means. Typically TKers claim to be able to roll pencils, spin a psi wheel or rotate a straw balanced on a bottle. Some even claim to be able to levitate small objects, such as a pencil. What this actual force may be is not known. TKers argue amongst themselves over this one and offer up an staggering variety of explanations, ranging from incredibly badly misunderstood science to the totally wacky and bizarre.

What is the evidence in support of TK? Lots of people claim to have TK. Lots of web sites have members who claim to be able to do TK and even show videos demonstrating TK. There is a long history of people claiming TK. Nina Kulagina the Russian psychic who died in 1990 is a well quoted example.

What is the evidence against TK? It suffers from the problem of never having stood up to rigorous scientific testing, despite false claims you may have heard to the contrary. It has never been demonstrated before a skeptical audience with any degree of success. James Randi, a well known skeptic of all things paranormal has even put up a prize of $1,000,000. James Randi Education Foundation.

TK has never been proven to be false . It is often argued by those that believe in TK that nobody has ever been able to prove it does not exist. This is a very silly argument. It has to be clearly understood that it is impossible to prove anything does not exist. By way of example I can claim to have the amazing ability to levitate a mile off the ground and whilst there demolish an entire city by clicking my fingers. Does the fact that you are unable to prove me wrong mean it must be considered as a real possibility? Clearly not. As the one making the claim the burden of proof rests with me, I need to demonstrate my rather bizarre claim before expecting to be believed. So it is with TKers, they need to demonstrate it., and as I have already said, it has never been demonstrated under test conditions.

How to prove if TK exists or not? It is quite obvious that it can't be proven one way or the other over the internet. What I can do however, is show you the tests I have carried out - with supporting videos - and leave you to make up your own mind. What I have been able to demonstrate is that you do not need TK for the two most common tests, the psi wheel and rotating straw. You will be able to see this proof for yourself. And yes, it is proof, not because of my videos, they are just there for clarification, but because I give you step by step instructions on how to do it yourself. The real proof that I am telling you the truth is testable by you in your own home. No special equipment needed. No skill needed. Just follow my instructions.

See for yourself. All you need to know on how to spin a psi wheel and rotate a straw balanced on a glass bottle. Videos

Having established that absolutely anyone can move a psi wheel and rotate a straw does not rule out TK existing, there are lots of other stunts that TKers claim they can do, but it does tend to bring these other claims into question. Furthermore my results also explain another problem that TKers keep running into. If, for example, you read the comments in the Forums section at you will notice a common recurring theme. Many of them start off very excited once they have 'practiced', meditated, thought pure thoughts and other weird stuff, and finally managed to get the psi wheel to move a little bit. Well done! (They could have done it straight away if they had only turned down the central heating a bit!) After all the excitement and mutual back slapping with other 'skilled' TK members, they 'graduate' to trying to rotate the straw on a glass bottle. Again, after heaps of exhausting sheer concentration, headaches and self-hypnosis and stuff, they manage, sometimes after months of practice, to get the straw to move, Well done again! More mutual back slapping takes place. At this point it all goes horribly wrong!

They are then unable to understand why they can't progress from there. The answer is, I would humbly suggest, that they - like me - do not have any TK. Therefore they are of course unable to progress to levitating a pencil, or throwing cars around. The site does try and help out with tips and general advice. They also have a collection of videos to help inspire their devoted members. The videos can be found in the Media section. The page is very interestingly headed up as follows "These vids are not here to show 'proof', they just show our experiences. Keep that in mind when watching them." Make what you will of that statement folks!

So in the spirit of co-operation I also have a collection of vids that you may find inspirational. Silly stuff

Okay, I have made my point, videos cannot be accepted as any sort of proof. The only proof is in actually doing it. I have demonstrated how I can duplicate TK abilities, without having any TK, by just using normal physics. I have given out full details of how it was done and how anyone else can do it at home. I have proven that TK is not what is making these objects move but instead it is just warm air or static.What is needed now is a TKer to demonstrate their TK abilities in such a manner as to also be beyond dispute, then I will believe them. I accept that they cannot explain to me how I can do it at home with a set of instructions as I don't have TK. So how can they prove they have TK? Easy, go claim the $1,000,000 James Randi Education Foundation.

I know there are a million excuses why TKers are not able to claim the prize, believe me I have heard them all, many times. However, it does strike me as a little odd that it hasn't been won, you would think that just one person would be capable of claiming it? I know that TKers claim that the tests are set up in such a way that Randi makes it impossible to demonstrate TK. How can he do that I wonder? What would be the point anyway? I am certain that Randi would be delighted to be proven wrong and hand over the money. By being the first man in history to scientifically prove beyond any doubt that TK exists he would make an absolute fortune that would make the prize money he gave away look like chicken feed! Think about it.

Furthermore, doesn't it strike anyone as being just a little bit odd, that despite all the claims made by all the TKers throughout the world today, that not one of them has ever walked into a laboratory anywhere and demonstrated it? Not one person? NOT ONE, not ever! Think of the recognition they would get, not to mention fame and fortune! By laboratory, I do not mean Joe's workshop of course, I mean an acclaimed research institute, of which there are many. If TK had ever been properly tested and found to exist, it would have been published in a reputable prestige scientific journal. So why hasn't it? Think about it. TK has been claimed to be real for over 100 years. If it was real do you not think it would have become a scientific fact by now, instead of still remaining no more than a belief? Why is that do you suppose? Think about it.

After you have thought about it you will have to make up your own mind as to whether or not you think TK exists.

Here are my reasons for believing that TK does not exist:

1) The two main TK stunts, the most popular 'proof' of TK, are not TK.

2) I have never seen TK demonstrated.

3) TK has never been performed under test conditions.

4) Nobody has claimed the Randi prize money.

5) No respected scientist in the world has ever claimed that TK exists.

6) No scientific institute of any repute has ever claimed that TK exists.

7) No respected scientific journal has ever reported claims that TK exists.

8) I can think of no reason for believing in TK.

However, that is just my belief, you will have yours.


You have the opportunity to have your say on the message board, and cast your vote if you wish. A word of caution first. You may be aware that ppsociety edit every comment on their message board and remove all comments and ban all posters that so much as question the existence of TK. That is why nearly all their comments are so cheerful and positive. You even have to register first before you can comment. Things are very different here. Anyone is welcome to say anything at all, whatever they want. This does result in some very fierce debates that sometimes even develop into slanging matches. Be warned, it's all really great stuff! It's such a laugh, honest, take a look and see. Such passion!



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