How to spin a psi wheel and rotate a straw without TK

The following videos are all taken by me. They show various TK stunts all performed by me, and look no different to many others on many other web sites.

The only difference here is that mine do not claim to involve any telekinetic ability whatsoever. There are no camera tricks here at all, please be assured of that. Please also be assured that I have not cheated in any way, such as using air currents, magnets, etc. By reading through the details you will understand why these videos are genuine.

Details of how I managed to spin the psi wheel and rotate the straw are given here. Results Summary Full step by step details of my tests are linked from there.

It is nothing more or less than you can do yourself in your own home, simply follow my instructions, it's just basic physics at work.

You need Quicktime to view the videos and are almost certain to have it. If not free download here: Quicktime


Click the link to view the appropriate video:

Psi Wheel video

Rotating Straw video

The Covered Psi Wheel Video


This next page is just Silly Stuff videos. You will see what I mean. These are fakes, same as the ppsociety ones, but damn good ones! I am just making a point here, that's all.

Silly stuff


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