The Covered Psi Wheel


Sorry to disappoint you, but there IS NO covered psi wheel video. The best I have seen so far is the one I made myself. Please note how small the cover is, it just fits nicely over the psi wheel. If it was very large it would be no good because air currents can easily start moving the psi wheel due to temperature differences between the top and bottom. The taller the cover the greater the difference and the greater the effect. Warm air rises, cooler air falls, it's called convection and is how a central heating radiator spreads heat throughout a room, apart from radiation as well of course.

This is just me messing about. Looks pretty convincing though doesn't it? TK at a distance under cover!


One of the members of ppsociety reckons he is pretty good at TK, and he has lots of videos posted under their media section, all showing his TK stuff. However, as we are all well aware, ppsociety does not claim it is TK stuff. Just stuff. Right.

Anyway, this person - who wishes to remain anonymous - emailed me and suggested he made a video of himself moving a paper psi wheel under cover and without his hands and send it to me as proof. I agreed this would be a great start. In the event he came back to say that it didn't turn out the way he had wished (shock horror on my part!) He was unable, on this occasion, to move the paper psi wheel. This is what he said.......

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"I have good news. I recorded the first video, so I want to point out some things -

Bad things:

1) I couldn't do it with paper tonight (I don't know why) so I had to use foil instead

2) In the beginning of the video I couldn't spin it at distance at first, so I had to put my hands for a minute around the glass and then it started to spin, when it happened I removed my hands again, so it stopped from spinning, but after a minute it started to spin again at distance

3) the video is long, because I had to show lot of stuff and the camera makes me feel a bit nervous so it's hard to keep focused.

Good thing:

1) I was successfully moving it at distance after all:"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What? Successful? Paper was not used, foil was. It did not move until AFTER his hands had been placed on the cover! Only then did it move "from a distance" I told him not to bother sending the video! He warms up the cover first with his hands to get the air moving around inside, then removes his hands. It stops rotating for a few seconds, then when it starts again he claims it is his TK moving it? And I am supposed to take this seriously? What a joke. And this from one of their better so called TKers.

Take a look at the so-called cover. It has a large hole at the top, (To hold a candle) which is why it has an upturned paper cup over it. All this contraption does is to act as a chimney and amplify any rising warm air currents. Please note that the foil wheel moves a hell of a lot easier than paper. I would say the size and shape of this "cover" makes it ideal for moving a "covered" psi wheel.

How to make a 'covered psi wheel rotate. Just let it heat up! If it takes too long put your hands on it.


TK DOES NOT EXIST (NOTE: This is of course just my opinion and not a fact)

Because it does not exist ( My opinion only again, not a fact) nobody can move a psi wheel under cover by TK. (Just my opinion again). When it does move, it is just rising air currents moving it, and is no different to my demonstration with using six mugs of hot water.

This cannot possibly be taken as an example of TK moving a psi wheel under cover. Even if a video is produced with a decent cover, so what? I already have my own!

How many of you have actually seen someone demonstrate TK the same as shown in my video? Right, No one! (Only my opinion of course).


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