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1) The first series of tests was designed to try and discover what force made an uncovered psi wheel rotate when the hands are placed near it. It was soon discovered that it was the heat from the hands. A full explanation and full details of the all the tests can be seen on the page Uncovered psi wheel

The results are interesting because they do explain a number of things that have been problematic with those attempting to learn TK. For instance, because anyone can rotate a psi wheel in these circumstances, only warm hands and a cool room being required, it explains why so many people are unable to 'progress' beyond this stage and move to a covered psi wheel, it's because they don't have TK. Also, because the difference in air temperature and the temperature of the hands is a critical factor in whether or not enough air current will be generated to rotate the wheel, it does explain why sometimes it will rotate and sometimes it will not. This is because a difference in temperature of 20 F is required to make it spin. This will also explain why some people will be able to move the psi wheel 'easily' and others will find it 'hard', sometimes taking months before it works for them. The most likely reason is that the room in which they were trying to rotate the psi wheel was too warm, thus not having the necessary 20F temperature difference. It will also be seen later that the shape and position of the hands makes a huge difference.

2) In order to show that it really was heat rotating the psi wheel, and only heat, I set up another test. This time I placed 6 drinking mugs in a circle around a psi wheel and filled them with boiling water. The psi wheel rotated very fast, again no TK was necessary. I thought that would be enough to convince anyone that it was heat. However, I was wrong. It was suggested that it wasn't the heat from the mugs but was in fact my subconscious TK rotating the wheel. (I thought it rather ironic that I have for so many years insisted that TK was nonsense only to now have TKers suggest that I have TK, and not only that, I seem to have shed loads of it!). How on earth can I prove that it is not my TK rotating the wheel, consciously or subconsciously?

3) I used the mugs again, Firstly, I was able to demonstrate that by making only very small changes in the position of the mugs the psi wheel could be made to rotate clock-wise, anti-clockwise, rock back and forth, or even stop all together. Effects that TKers often say they can achieve with their hands. The point here is that it is only the subtle change of air flow that is causing the different psi wheel movements, nothing to do with TK. Very easy for you to test this for yourself.

How to prove that it is not my subconscious TK moving the psi wheel? This turned out to be easier than I expected. I set the mugs in place, poured in the boiling water and watched the psi wheel spin like mad. I then left the room and went away into another room to watch the TV. In the meantime I had arranged for my wife to go into the kitchen and move the mugs - whenever she felt like it - far enough away so that the psi wheel stopped rotating. Then, whenever she chose, to return the mugs to more or less their original position so that the psi wheel started rotating again. I was unable to tell by any means when any of this was being carried out, I could not hear a sound from the kitchen, I assure you of that.

So how could it be my TK moving the wheel, stopping it at the precise time it should have stopped, and starting it spinning again at the precise time it should, without me knowing when this was all going on? There are only a few possibilities. EITHER:

1) It is the heat rotating the psi wheel as I maintain, and not my subconscious,

2) OR....My wife is also one of the worlds best TKers like myself (what an incredible coincidence!) and she took over moving it with her TK without any effort at all on her part.

3) OR....I am not only a world class TKer but I am also telepathic, which is how my subconscious mind new when to start and stop the wheel, it read my wife's mind.

4) Or a combination of any or all of these things. I could for example be a telepathic mind reading exponent of TK who happens to be married to a woman who has the same, or some of, the same abilities, and we were both assisted a little in our efforts by the heat from the mugs, or not.

Which of these do you think is the most likely explanation?

Its enough for me to rule out the possibility that it is me rotating the psi wheel by my subconscious use of TK.

It is HEAT moving an uncovered psi wheel, not subconscious (or conscious) TK.




For full details of tests SEE Rotating straw test

It was discovered immediately that static was going to be a problem. The plastic straw would easily follow a hand, or finger, due to static. The only way around this to ensure it could not possibly be static causing the rotation was to use a straw that could not possibly carry a static charge, i.e. a paper straw. I rolled a a strip of paper and made a paper straw.

Okay, it wasn't charged with static, but it was a bit clumsy and did not rotate as well as the plastic straw when given a little tap. I suggest using a cocktail stick would be better as the plastic straw is way too sensitive to give a reliable TK result. Waited to hear back and if any TKers could rotate the cocktail stick. None came back. Funny that.

Did some research on static and discover that it is impossible to eliminate static from the straw test. Doesn't matter whether a paper or plastic straw is used, static will always creep back in and move the straw. If you are finding it difficult to move the straw, you just need a little static.

It is STATIC that causes the straw to move, nothing to do with TK.


Result so far:

1) An uncovered psi wheel with the hands placed around it will rotate because of the heat from the hands.

2) A straw will rotate due to static.

I appreciate that some of you will argue that you can make both of these objects move without using your hands. Okay, I accept that, but I can also do that, without employing any TK.

It has to be clearly understood that both these arrangements are extremely easy to move because they are very finely balanced and they have also reduced the friction to an absolute minimum. They will move due to the smallest disturbance. The psi wheel will move in the tiniest of air currents, so small that you may not even notice it, I have seen mine move many times, sometimes I can tell its a draught, other times I detect nothing and it seems it is moving of its own accord, but of course it isn't. Please do not even suggest that it is my subconscious TK doing it, I have already proved that is not the case!

It's the same with the straw, that will move of its own accord as well, it is equally susceptible to the smallest of air currents. Furthermore, it doesn't even need an air current, its own static charge can vary with the weather and temperature, and that will cause it to move. Even over a short period - say 5 mins. - my straw has after keeping perfectly still, started to move of its own accord, as much as 20 or 30 degrees. This is simply because it has being trying to move in that direction for the last 5 mins. but was unable to overcome the friction and small irregularities in the glass bottle, but a very small change tipped in its favour.

This is the problem, both arrangements are highly unstable and are just 'waiting' to move. Its a bit like balancing a pencil on its point. At some point in time it will fall over because it is so unstable.

It is my contention that both these arrangements, the uncovered psi wheel and the rotating straw, are useless as a demonstration of TK. In fact, worse than useless, they are downright misleading. There are loads of people out there who honestly believe they have TK because of these two tests.

Okay, this still does not rule out the possibility of TK existing. What would I like to se as evidence of TK? Well, to be honest, I am not convinced that even a covered psi wheel could be taken as proof of TK. The arrangement is just too unstable, it may just move because the air inside the cover warms up and moves about, like a miniature glass house. Please don't say it couldn't, how do you know it couldn't? How many of you have even bothered to carry out any sort of test at all? How many of you got the psi wheel to move, or the straw, and immediately and without further question took that as proof positive you had TK?

I have noted on numerous occasions that those of you that think it's your TK moving either of these two objects, you very often refer to 'lack of control'. I think we now know why, don't you? I think this is crucial. If it was TK, if you were moving it at will, then how do you explain it moves when it wants and goes where it wants? Try keeping a proper record of your results, write down a direction before hand and then try for it and mark down the result. If you get much more than the expected 50%, that would surprise me. As it is, those of you that claim to have 70% or more.....did you really keep a record, or is it just the impression you have gained? Hmmmmmm. Be honest with yourself! And if you really are in control, why can't you demonstrate 100% accuracy? Anyway, I can myself record an exceptionally high score simply by knowing which way the charge is working and making it either repel or attract in the chosen direction! Easy.

If you want to demonstrate TK then clearly you have to move something by TK, something that would not otherwise move of its own accord.

I think that is fair enough, don't you?



Okay, so I stuck an upturned glass bowl over a paper psi wheel and nothing happened of course. It didn't budge. I think about it for a while and conclude that with this arrangement my psi wheel is never going to move. Not ever. I think about what conditions could possibly make it move. I recall one TKer emailing me to say that with a tall cd tower round plastic container they could make the psi wheel move. I wonder if a tall enough tower will generate enough air movement to spin the wheel? I haven't found a suitable container yet, but when I do hope to make a video showing how it works.

In the meantime, to save me repeating myself, check out this page, it is very revealing! The Covered Psi Wheel Video


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