TEST 1........I made a psi wheel. I did this by taking a sewing needle and stuck it into an eraser, point up. I then cut a 2 inch square of paper and folded it up to make a kind of four pointed star and placed it on the needle.

I just left it on my desk while I read some emails. It didn't move, not at all, just the occasional wobble as I moved about typing and so on. When I sat still so did it. A very well behaved psi wheel. Okay, so I have demonstrated that my study is free of draughts.

Having established it wasn't going to move due to draught, I placed my hands around it, one each side forming almost a circle and about an inch from the psi wheel. It naturally moved a little as I placed my hands around it, but that soon stopped and it settled down after just a few moments.

At this point I looked up at the TV to pass the time as I knew nothing was going to happen. My next stage was going to be deliberately trying to move it by will power. I had no sooner looked up at the TV when the psi wheel began to rotate. I am not talking about small little twitches, it actually rotated full circle and kept rotating. It was doing about one revolution every 3 seconds, which may not sound fast but it really looks fast! It looked for all the world as if an electric motor was driving it, it was that regular. It kept going in a clockwise direction at the same rate for something like 30 seconds or so, at which point I removed my hands. As soon as I did so it stopped rotating. I put my hands back, and after a few twitches it started rotating again in a clockwise direction and at the same speed as before. I repeated the exercise once more with the same result, it took a few more twitches to get going this time and did not rotate for as long, it stopped of its own accord while my hands were still there. What was going on?

It wasn't TK. For that to happen would take a deliberate act on my part, otherwise it's the same as seeing a plane fall out of the sky and claiming it was you that did it. Nonetheless, it was most impressive watching this psi wheel spinning around! No wonder that is enough to make the kids think they have TK!

RULE 1 If it doesn't happen when you want to make it happen then it is pointless an invalid to claim it is you doing it when it happens by itself. It may well prove to be that something that you are doing is causing the movement but that may have a perfectly natural non TK explanation. I think at this stage it will be a thermal effect.

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....The room was cool when I first entered so I turned up the heating. The cool room gave good results due to the temp difference, which gradually became less as the air warmed up.]


TEST 2 .........I thought about what could be the mechanism driving the psi wheel. I decided it could be the heat from my hands. By placing my hands around the psi wheel maybe I was causing the air to heat up, expand and rise. Colder and denser air would be drawn in from 'ground' level, become heated and rise. In effect it would create a small thermal and that air current could rotate the psi wheel if it was not perfectly balanced, which of course it isn't. How to check this idea? I went into the bathroom and ran water from the cold tap over my hands until they were very cold. I came back and repeated the test as before. Nothing happened, it didn't rotate at all. Does this mean my idea of thermals is right. No, of course not. I have no way of knowing if I had tried again without cooling my hands if it would have rotated at that point or not. All I can say at this stage is that it might be thermals. I need to repeat this test a few more times.

RULE 2 One example does not prove anything. If an idea is correct then the phenomenon should be repeatable. If the conditions are the same it should happen the same way every time.


TEST 3..... I covered the psi wheel with a plastic cover. Nothing would induce the little bugger to move, not even threats of shredding it. I tried just ignoring it. That part was easy with so many messages coming in from ppsociety members. Nothing happened. I tried putting my hands around the cover. Nothing. I tried placing my hands on the cover. Nothing. I moved my hands away. Nothing. The psi wheel would not so much as give a tiny little twitch while under cover. Maybe it is thermal then?

TEST 4..... I take off the cover. Now it will not spin at all, even though my hands are in the same position as before. Why not? Nothing has changed. That can't be right though, something must have changed but I don't know what it is yet. 5 minutes later I try again and it rotates, clockwise again, not so much and not as fast, but it does rotate. Why? I take a break for dinner.

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....It doesn't rotate because my hands are still cold from the cold water - I have poor circulation - but as they start to warm up I get a little rotation of the wheel]


TEST 5..... A couple of hours have passed and I decide to try again with it uncovered. Nothing at all. I can't figure out why not. I spin the psi wheel by hand and I am surprised that it only spins for a few seconds. I take off my watch and place it on the desk. I physically push the wheel a few times just to see how long it rotates. Depending on how I strike it the wheel rotates from 3 to 12 seconds. A strange thing then happens. I again put my hands around it in the usual way, it is not moving at this point, and it immediately starts to spin at the same steady rate again in a clockwise direction. As the watch is still on the desk I take a careful note of the time. It kept rotating for an amazing 4 mins 25 seconds. It slowed down just a little now and again, but in the main kept a nice brisk 3 seconds per revolution, approximately. I say approx because I can't watch the wheel and my watch at the same time so have to manually count the revs, one Mississippi, two Mississippi etc.

But what a result! 4 mins 25 seconds of non stop rotation, without any effort on my part at all, it just does it. Why though? I still think it must be thermal.

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....I do not know why the wheel did not rotate first time. Maybe it was stuck on the pin? I don't know]


TEST 6....I keep repeating putting my hands around the wheel and removing them. I do it 4 times and every time the wheel rotates at once and stops when I remove my hands. There is no hesitation, the spin is strong and steady and always, for some strange reason, clockwise. I decide to test my thermal idea again and damn near freeze my hands in cold water, it only takes maybe 30 seconds before I am back at the wheel with cold hands. Nothing happens. Well, just a little half a turn, then it stops That is all it does. A couple of minutes later I try again. (I am typing this page as I am running the tests) It gives a half turn anti-clockwise and stops. Looks like it could be thermal still.

TEST 7..... To test my thermal idea I rush back into the bathroom and place my hands in a bowl of very hot water and they very quickly get very hot! I come back and try again. Guess what? As soon as I put my hot hands around the wheel it starts to spin. I let it spin at the usual rate in the usual direction for two minutes before getting fed up and moving my hands away.

It does seem to to be thermal doesn't it?

If it really is thermal I should be able to replicate this any time I want simply by warming my hands in hot water and repeating the test in the same manner as before. It should work the same every time, if I am right. I appreciate that it hasn't worked for me every time, but then sometimes my hands have been warmer than other times. I take beta blockers for a medical condition and that lowers my blood pressure and keeps my hands colder than a normal persons. Sometimes though I warm up, because like everyone else, my temperature varies throughout the day, in my case more than most. In order to be consistent with my tests I will have to take the temperature of my hands before the test. I should have thought of that sooner!

TEST 8...... I test the temp of my hands using a very accurate thermometer that I once used in the dark room. I grip the base tight, wrapping both hands around it for one minute. Hand temp is 95 F Room temp 71 F. The wheel spins straight away at the usual rate in the usual direction. After 90 secs I move my hands away and it stops. Hand temp after the test is the same.

TEST 9.... I freeze my hands in cold water again and take their temp as before, it reads 71 F. Room temp 71 F still. I repeat the test as before. Nothing! It really does look like its thermal. With hand and room temps being the same, or even nearly so I would think, no thermals are created and the wheel doesn't move. When there is a large difference in the temp, with the hands being a lot hotter than the ambient temp, we get thermals! One more test then I am going to have to stop, it's getting late.

TEST 10..... Warm up hands in hot water again and measure hand temp as 95 F. Room temp still 71 F. Wheel spins straight away again, but this time only quarter turns back and forth non stop for 2 mins, then I move my hands away and it stops.

I wish I had a digital video! But I do intend getting one within the next month or two because of a cruise we are going on in May. Watch this space!!!!!!



Okay, this is not an exact science, BUT a pattern does seem to be emerging here. It really does look like it's temperature related and depends on a difference between hand and room temp. More tests need to be done of course, many more. Perhaps the ppsociety TKers would like to help me out here with some tests of their own. It would be a great help.

I appreciate that even if confirmed as a thermal effect, ( BIG if) this is only one type of TK test, i.e. an uncovered psi wheel with the hands placed around it and very close to it. But at least it is a start, we have to start somewhere.

I can't imagine though for one minute that I am the first to carry out such simple basic tests and publish the results on the net - lots of TKers must have done very similar tests. If you happen to know of any please let me know so I can make comparisons. Thanks.

BTW I seem to get the best results when my wrists are touching thus creating a gap at just the fingers. Or maybe I just imagine that? But as it stands at this moment in time, every time I place my hands around the psi wheel it just goes straight into rotation mode. Just done that 5 times in a row during the last couple of minutes. ANYONE should be able to do this. Please advise. Thanks. Placed a glass over the psi wheel, guess what? Nothing, no matter what!



I have been thinking about the idea of a thermal effect and to be honest I am not happy with it. If that was all it was then anybody should be able to do it, and clearly everybody can't. I think up a couple more tests.

TEST 11....I am concerned that the psi wheel is not shaped like a propeller blade so therefore should not rotate in an air stream. I would expect it to be more or less static because of the nature of its symmetrical shape. I place the psi wheel over a central heating radiator, a very hot radiator that you can feel the hot air rising up from. It wobbles about in a random manner without rotating. Occasionally it will give a part turn or a couple of turns one way or the other, but mostly it didn't rotate. The movements were pretty much what you would expect. Doesn't look so good now for thermals!

TEST 12......I decide to control the conditions a little more this time, the radiator was not the same as the heat from my hands, but nonetheless did confirm my suspicion that an upwards air current does not cause rotation. This time I used a hot water bottle, and with a little trial and error soon had the air temperature above it at 95 F, my hand temp. I placed the psi wheel on it and nothing happened, just the occasional little wobble, nothing really. Again, this is to be expected, a slower air current would cause less jittering.

TEST 13.... Unlucky 13! I have one last try. This time I wrap the hot water bottle 3/4 around the psi wheel to represent the heat spread and temp from my hands, the room temp being as before. If it is thermals causing rotation then the psi wheel should rotate. IT DOESN'T ROTATE. (Damn!)

CONCLUSION after 13 tests. It started out looking to me as if was going to be a thermal effect causing rotation, but it isn't. No way is it thermal. I wanted it to be thermal because that made sense, apart from the shape of the psi wheel being wrong. However, wanting something to be so does not make it so.


I now do not have anything to go on at this stage. I am puzzled as to why an uncovered psi wheel (pw) will rotate like mad when my hands are placed around it, but will not rotate at all when my hands are removed. I do not make any conscious effort to rotate the pw, it just does it or not, I simply observe. I know that some TKers talk about focus or relaxing or meditating, training and so on. BUT, the first time I put my hands around the pw it just took off, I played no part in it then, or since. I am also puzzled as to why it does not move every time I do it, and at other times rotates every single time, time after time. Weird. I can't see a pattern yet, but I intend to keep trying because I am sure there is one there, somewhere. It does rotate a hell of a lot more times than it doesn't. In fact I am now surprised if it doesn't!

I know there are countless variables to take into account, it's a question of which to take account of and which to ignore. For example, are the following relevant? And these are just off the top of my head as I type this. Your health, alertness/tiredness, objects in the room, air temperature, humidity, time of day, position of the moon, the colour of your socks. Okay, forget the socks, but whatever we decide to ignore is an arbitrary decision and may prove to be wrong. The problems seems huge.

TEST 14....Make a conscious effort to move pw without using my hands. Nothing, but then that IS what I was expecting, and I can't change that. Put my hands in place and away it went again, and to be honest with you, it's starting to annoy me now! Experimented with different position with my hands. Started by lifting them above the desk instead of resting on it. No change, still rotating. Now raised above pw and it stops rotating. Bring back down to same height as pw and it rotates again (the bloody thing is watching me!). Move hands slowly outward away from pw and the further away I get the slower it goes. It keeps a slow but steady spin with my hands about 12 inches apart, but further away than that it stops. Bring hands back in and it starts again. Sometimes it seems like I have total control over it. I just put my hands there and off it goes, and now by moving my hands in or out I can slow it down or speed it up. Weird or what?

1) It is midnight as I do this. It seems to work like magic at night, but not so well during the day. Odd! Anyone else confirm this please?

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....My central heating is programmed to switch off at 10.30pm so by 11.30/12.00 as it is about zero C outside (it's December)it soon gets very cool in here and increases the thermal effect]

2) Tonight seems to have shown a direct linear relationship to the speed of rotation and the distance of my hands. Yesterday I had to be almost touching the pw, tonight it works with my hands 6 inches away. Odd! Anyone else confirm this please?

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....The room temperature and my temperature are the variables, especially if I have a hot cup of tea, and I do that on a regular basis]

I am reporting everything that happens, more or less as it happens too! I am being totally honest and up front with every thing I say. What I do and see is what I tell you. There is nothing held back that I don't want to admit to, and nothing exaggerated or falsely claimed because it would suit me.

I am still convinced that this is a normal physical effect, for 3 reasons.

1) The rotation depend on the presence of my hands. There is a direct connection.

2) I make no conscious effort to rotate the pw and wouldn't know how to anyway.

3) If It was shown that I had TK I would have to kill myself. (Just kidding, I would go get the million dollars!)

Thanks so much for all your emails, suggestions, ideas, support, and test results. I will go through them all very carefully. Right now, what with Christmas just around the corner (groan) busy at work in my new job, and now all this extra work, if I don't get back to you quickly please accept my sincere apologies.

One last try at the pw before I go to bed, can't resist as it's being so cooperative! THIS IS NUTS. I put my hands together at the wrists, palm towards the pw in only a half circle. It rotates clockwise. I put my hands the opposite side, fingers now touching and palms toward the pw. Guess what? It rotates anti-clockwise. I repeat it two more times and the same thing happens.!!! This is driving me seriously nuts! Depending on the position of my hands I can now rotate it which way I want it to go, and by varying the distance of my hands can speed it up or slow it down. Anyone else confirm this please? I honestly don't now have a clue as to how to even begin to explain it. Why are the position of my hands so critical to the rotation. I know its not the heat, ruled that one out. So, back to the drawing board!

[NOTE: WITH HINDSIGHT ON DAY 3.....It's very late, around 2.00 am and the room is now very cold. the temp difference must be huge by now thus creating a powerful thermal making the wheel rotate easily. It all makes so much sense now!]



I have spent a lot of time today thinking about it today and have concluded that...

1) Despite what a lot of you are thinking and suggesting, it is not my subconscious mind moving the wheel. Why not? Because when I first started and the pw moved I did not believe it would move. So if it was me moving it then you would say it must have been my subconscious mind. The next day I moved the pw my conscious mind WAS expecting it to move, and so of course was my subconscious mind. Today, for the first half dozen attempts it didn't move at all. If it was my subconscious mind then it would have moved because my belief system has been reinforced with repeated success and I expect it to move every time now. IT ISN'T MY SUBCONSCIOUS (OR CONSCIOUS) MIND MOVING IT. There is just no correlation with the results whatsoever to back that up theory. I do not put any effort whatsoever in trying to move the pw, it just moves. My 'subconscious' does not posses the power to move objects anyway, any more than my conscious mind. It is only a term used by psychologists to explain how emotions and memories can be suppressed. We may not think we harbour a grudge, but subconsciously we might, and the psychologist is able to reveal this, hidden away in our subconscious. Trying to use it to explain TK is unreasonable, unscientific and of course untestable. I am going to stick with bricks and mortar!

2) So I am back to basic physics, and I am still convinced the answer will be explained by basic physics. I have been worrying about my tests for thermal effects. Everything seemed to be pointing to it being a thermal effect. The way the pw only rotated if my hands were placed around it. How hot hands increased the effect and cold hands reduced it. How the closer my hands got the faster it spun, and as I moved them away it slowed down. At this point IT HAD TO BE THERMAL. But I ran into trouble with trying to make it rotate by placing over thermals, such as a radiator. It wouldn't rotate, wrong shape for it, so I had to drop the idea.

How stupid am I? Damn stupid that's what! Of course the pw will not rotate with an up current, it's obviously the wrong shape for that. QED! But what if it is not the up current making it rotate? We all know how easily the pw will spin around in a draught, right! That is because the air current is going ACROSS the pw, not up from under it. So maybe my model for the air current is wrong, not the theory itself. What if when placing my (hot) hands around the pw, I am in fact creating a thermal as I first suggested and my hands act like a chimney drawing up the hot air and pulling in the cold air from the base? Now instead of worrying about the up current from under the pw we can safely ignore it because we know, and have demonstrated, that it does not rotate the pw. What if it is the cold air being drawn in that rotates the pw, just in the same way as a draught rotates the pw? I know what you are thinking. Look at the photo showing my hands you say, it has opposing openings so the air would be drawn in from two opposite directions and would not rotate the wheel. Good point, but wrong. In order for the pw NOT to rotate the two opposing air currents would have to be permanently identical, and how likely is that? It will almost certainly be different forces each time, and as the wheel starts to spin it gains momentum. There you have it, a psi wheel rotating in a draught, something we see all the time, only this time it's you creating the draught with your hands. Sounds great! A test is called for.

TEST 15....If my idea is right, then if I can increase the air flow the pw will rotate faster. I can't warm up my hands any more than I have, and wrapping the hot water bottle around didn't work, way too different compared to the size and shape of my hands. Now we all know that in order to draw the smoke up a chimney, the higher the chimney the more powerful the draw, which is why chimneys are usually the tallest part of a house! So I call in my wife to help out. I put my hands in the usual position but the pw only moves about a little. My hands are cold today, only 93 F and the room is hot, it's now 75 F, because its early evening and the central heating is still going full blast. Again this seems to confirm it is thermal effect. I get my wife to place her hands on top of mine in the same position, the chimney height has now doubled, so has the total temperature of the system. Guess what?


We repeated this three more time with the same result each time. My wife then tried on her own, her hands are hotter than mine at 95F and the pw rotated slowly, just a little. It has all finally come together. I think I made a really stupid mistake when I said it wasn't a thermal effect. The only test that contradicted this was the daft test trying to wrap a hot water bottle around the pw, apart from that, every other test supported it being a thermal effect. This last test confirms it beyond any doubt.


I know I have made myself look really stupid by reversing what I said yesterday and I apologise for misleading you by jumping in too quick and not being thorough in my investigation. I did my best.

Please note the wording though. All I have tested is an uncovered psi wheel with the hands close to it and in a particular position. I am unable to comment at this stage on any other claims of TK, such as when the pw is covered or the hands are not used, rolling straws, floating cocktail sticks etc. They are all different and need different explanations, if they really do happen that is?



If you have trouble rotating a psi wheel try the following. It works for me!

1) Make your psi wheel the same as mine and balanced on the point of a needle. Try to make it about the same height above desk top level as mine. Approx. 1.75 inches/ 4.5cm. to the top of the needle. Psi wheel made from ordinary computer printing paper from a 2 inch/5cm square folded into a four pointed star.

2) Place your hands on the desk and around the psi wheel as shown in the photo. The closer you can put your hands to the psi wheel the better and the smaller you can make the gaps between your hands the better, it seems to work, but do leave a gap.

3) If the psi wheel doesn't spin there are two things you can do. Warm up your hands in warm water, and if necessary, move to a colder room. It's the difference in temperature between your hands and the air temperature that's important. From my observations so far a temperature difference of at least 20F (11C) is required to rotate the wheel.

4) If that still doesn't work, get someone to place their hands the same as you on top of your hands.

5) I am prepared to say with total confidence that if you have followed these directions THE PSI WHEEL WILL NOW ROTATE.


I would really appreciate it if as many of you as possible could follow my instructions as above. Depending on your results I will either have come up with an explanation for the most simple TK feat there is, or I am going to be shown to be wrong.

Over to you guys, I've given it my best shot. Hope I'm right!

I appreciate that you would all be much happier if you could prove me wrong and say it didn't work. But please be fair. I entered into this to show I had an open mind and to be fair to all of you. Please now be honest with me. We really do need to be honest with one another if we are to make any sort of progress on this. And just for the record, I would love it if TK could be demonstrated to be a genuine paranormal effect. It would make life so much more interesting!

Please try the test and please let me know your results.

Thanks a lot




Today I wanted to come up with a test that would prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the psi wheel moved because of heat, and heat alone. Using my hands to supply the heat that created the draught thermal effect was a bit of a problem, it could be argued that it was 'me' causing the pw to spin, not the heat from my hands. Even though I have demonstrated a number of times now that hot hands make it spin and cool hands don't, because it requires a temperature difference of at least 20 F, I am sure many of you remain unconvinced and claim it's 'my subconscious' doing the work.

The one test that I had tried to replicate the heat of my hands was by using a hot water bottle, and that failed miserably. I could not get it to mimic the shape of my hands. That one stupid test caused me to make a serious error of judgement.

What I wanted was a test that you could all do at home with normal day-to-day stuff. I am unable to post videos because I don't yet have a digital video camera, and anyway videos can't be taken as proof of anything. BUT, if you do it yourself at home, that is all the proof you need.

If you follow my previous instructions to the letter you will make the psi wheel spin. However, I think with my previous test the stumbling block was that many of you either do not have a thermometer you can hold in your hand, or fail to realise how important the temperature difference between hand and air temperature is. It is in fact the single most important factor.

So, never give up, keep looking for a solution and you will find one. The idea came to me as I was making a cup of tea. I figured that if I placed some mugs around the pw and filled them with boiling water the pw will spin, and spin fast because of the large temperature difference between the mugs and the ambient air temperature. Easy to do for all of you and no precise measurements needed, just boil a kettle! But would it work?

As the photo shows, I placed three mugs each side and left a small gap front and back, just as I do with my hands. I poured boiling water into the mugs. Even before I had finished filling the mugs the psi wheel was spinning.


You can make out the green eraser within the circle of mugs, you can't see the psi wheel because it was spinning so fast it is just a blur on the photo.

No need to take more word for it, just boil a kettle.

I appreciate that some of you may still claim that it is "my subconscious" spinning the psi wheel, but we have to try and be reasonable here. I think that we can all agree that it IS the heat making it spin.


WHAT DOES THIS PROVE about the existence of TK? Nothing at all! However, it does indicate - to me at least - that on the grounds of reasonable probability, it is not my subconscious that has been so fantastic at spinning the psi wheel, but just the right temperature conditions. It does of course only apply to this one particular aspect of TK, that is moving an uncovered psi wheel when the hands are in close proximity. Beyond that nothing at all has been demonstrated one way or the other.

It could be argued that the reason that so many people are able to move the psi wheel but are then unable to progress beyond that, is because they are just not telekinetic. The only true telekinetics are the ones able to rotate it when it's under cover.


The sub conscious TK?

I have since been emailed to say that regardless of what I may think, it is not the heat from the mugs rotating the psi wheel but my subconscious TK. The question then became...How can I PROVE it is not TK?

I thought about it for a while and came up with a solution, not a perfect solid fact solution, but one that is as close as I can get it. This is how it works......

I used the mugs again, Firstly, I was able to demonstrate that by making only very small changes to the position of the mugs the psi wheel could be made to rotate clock-wise, anti-clockwise, rock back and forth, or even stop all together. Effects that TKers often say they can achieve with their hands, and I have also achieved with my hands. The point here is that it is only the subtle change of air flow that is causing the different psi wheel movements, nothing to do with TK. Very easy for you to test this for yourself with the mugs.

How to prove that it is not my subconscious TK moving the psi wheel? This turned out to be easier than I expected. I set the mugs in place, poured in the boiling water and watched the psi wheel spin like mad. I then left the room and went away into another room to watch the TV. In the meantime I had arranged for my wife to go into the kitchen and move the mugs - whenever she felt like it - far enough away so that the psi wheel stopped rotating. Then, whenever she chose, to return the mugs to more or less their original position so that the psi wheel started rotating again. I was unable to tell by any means when any of this was being carried out, I could not hear a sound from the kitchen, I assure you of that.

So how could it be my TK moving the wheel, stopping it at the precise time it should have stopped, and starting it spinning again at the precise time it should, without me knowing when this was all going on? There are only a few possibilities. EITHER:

1) It is the heat rotating the psi wheel as I maintain, and not my subconscious,

2) OR....My wife is also one of the worlds best TKers like myself (what an incredible coincidence!) and she took over moving it with her TK without any effort at all on her part.

3) OR....I am not only a world class TKer but I am also telepathic, which is how my subconscious mind knew when to start and stop the wheel, it read my wife's mind.

4) Or a combination of any or all of these things. I could for example be a telepathic mind reading exponent of TK who happens to be married to a woman who has the same, or some of, the same abilities, and we were both assisted a little in our efforts by the heat from the mugs, or not, as the case may be.

Which of these do you think is the most likely explanation?

Its enough for me to rule out the possibility that it is me rotating the psi wheel by my subconscious use of TK.

It is HEAT moving an uncovered psi wheel, not subconscious (or conscious) TK.


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