The straw is rotating due to the effects of static. It is moving away from my right hand because both the straw and my hand are carrying an excess of the same charge, either positive or negative. As like forces repel the straw moves away.

The weather plays an important part in how much static is created. When I made this vid it was wet, windy and damp (that's Scotland for you). When the weather is crisp and dry and objects more prone to static I will make another vid showing a better effect.

The vid below is my second attempt. You will see it is better than the first video as it shows my hands further away. More static today.

In case any of you think I am cheating in any way, such as blowing on the straw or anything else, be assured I am not. What would be the point? That straw moved by static, and static alone. Try it yourself.

Why not 'practice' yourself? If the straw will not move for you that is because there is no static, for any number of reasons. To make your own static rub the straw with a paper tissue, nylon garment, run a plastic comb through your hair and touch the straw with it, run the end of the straw through your hair, etc. etc. Then you can have lots of fun moving the straw just like the TKers. On a good day it will spin right off the bottle, as mine did in the video above.

For full details of my tests with full explanation. Rotating straw test


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