Silly Stuff

The purpose of this page is to just to show silly stuff. The sort of stuff you can see on ppsociety.

Why they even bother to show nonsense like this is beyond me, but, if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me.

The following videos are all made by me, and no one else was in the room at the time.

I will add to it as and when I find the time. In the meantime enjoy these old classics, a wonderful demonstration of err....... something.


Welcome to another dimension, the world of the PARANORMAL.

PLEASE NOTE: These vids are not here to show 'proof', they just show my experiences. Keep that in mind when watching them. (Sorry ppsociety, I just couldn't resist it.)


1) The Great Desktop Moving Foil Trick. TK at its best.

This one is visually stunning. A piece of scrunched up foil rotating on a desk. Truly one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Note my excellent control. It might be due to chemicals in my brain? Or a shifting of cosmic forces?


2) The spell-binding dimming the light trick. A superb demonstration of paranormal powers.

For my next trick I am about to attempt something very dangerous. I have seen videos of TKers doing this, but using only one very small low power light bulb. I am going to attempt this, for the first time ever, with a 500 watt quartz halogen bulb! Do not attempt this at home folks, it is only for fully trained professionals such as myself.


Wow! Did you see that! Maybe it's due to a connection I made with an electron flow somewhere?


3) The Sliding a Melting Ice Cube trick

Something a little less dangerous this time, but nonetheless, in its own way, still breathtaking and deeply perplexing.


No, I didn't touch it. I don't know why a melting ice cube moves. Icecubepsihydrokinetics? Quantum mechanics?


4) The amazing moving floating stick trick.

I know this next one can be challenging for beginners, but take heart, look how easy it is. This is my very first attempt as well. Note how I start the shot showing how the floating match stick - dyed black with a marker pen for better contrast - is in still water. See how the stick starts to move when I put my hands near the bowl, first one way then the other. Impressed?

Amazing stuff eh! Perhaps I connected with ancient beings from Atlantis or something?



5) The Great Rolling the Pencil Along the Desk Trick.

Just when thought you had seen it all, every paranormal event in the entire TK world, what happens? I show you yet another one! This one will knock your socks off and leave you reeling. Watch the pencil move under my control!

It just keeps getting better and better! It may be due to me sitting under a cardboard pyramid for three days?


6) The legendary, fabled, mysterious and other-worldly, great covered paper psi wheel trick

This is it. The most remarkable of all remarkable TK stunts in the whole wide world ever!

The rarely ever seen in public rotating covered paper psi wheel. Yes, you have heard about it, wondered about it, talked about it, dreamed of doing it.....and now, before your very eyes, here it is. Thank you fans, thank you. Shucks, it was nothing really.

Tell all your friends you saw it here first. Proof of TK, or something.


I am sure those videos will have convinced you all of, errrr, my experiences.


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