What you see here is exactly what happened. Any of you can repeat what you see here without any TK or any trickery whatsoever.

Makes a lot of those so called TK vids on other sites look more than just a little silly when they claim it is TK. It isn't TK.



You will notice how it only takes a small change in the position of the hands to affect how the psi wheel rotates. You will notice that it was a simple change of position that caused the psi wheel to first stop and then rotate in the opposite direction. The movement of the psi wheel is caused due to the warm air rising from my hands.


Here is the video showing the psi wheel rotate by using six mugs of hot water instead of my hands to create the air movement. The vid begins as I finish filling the mugs with hot water. Notice how the psi wheel starts to rotate in a clockwise direction. Notice also that where the vid jumps to a new scene (I just cut out a chunk to keep the file size reasonable) the mugs are arranged in a slightly different position and now the psi wheel rotates in an anti-clockwise direction.This is to demonstrate how a change of position changes the direction of rotation, just as it does with the hands. Try it yourself, no need to take my word for it.

Okay, I think that successfully demonstrates that a psi wheel rotates due to rising warm air currents.


I have included another, longer video. This one shows very clearly just how important the position of the hands is. In the wrong position the psi wheel will not rotate, get the correct position and it will rotate in a certain direction, change the position of your hands slightly and it will spin in the opposite direction. The colder the room and the warmer your hands the more readily the psi wheel will rotate.


It isn't the paranormal at work here, it's just normal physics. Anyone can do this given the right circumstances.

For full details of my tests with explanations Uncovered psi wheel test


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