So you think you have TK?


If you think you have TK then it is almost a certainty that it is because you have either moved a psi wheel or rotated a straw on a bottle. Well done. However, if you read my page Videos you will discover that anyone can do these things without having any TK. Or perhaps you have accomplished nothing more than rotate an ice cube? Ice cube

So, you have read my articles and you still think you have TK?

Would you like to know for sure?

Do you really, honestly, truly want to know for sure?

If you do not want to discover, not under any circumstances, that you don't have TK, then don't read any further. Just leave now and carry on believing.

However, if you want to know the truth, here is a foolproof way how you can find out. For sure. No doubt about it. Once and for all.


Psi wheel test

Let's take the psi wheel first. Yes it does move doesn't it. It even moves when your hands are nowhere near it. Amazing stuff, so it must be TK. Or must it? What else could it be? Well, let's be honest here, it could be air currents moving it couldn't it? So how can we make sure that it isn't air currents? Easy, put a cover over it. Better still, put it inside a glass jar, just set it up on the inside of a lid and screw the jar down onto it. Now it's in an airtight container air currents can't move it. All you have to do is move it without putting your hands on the glass, or near enough to warm it up. You will now find you are unable to move it, thus proving that you do not in fact have any TK. Sorry, just join the real world again. What's that you say? It's the glass stopping your TK from reaching the psi wheel? You don't really believe that do you? Why? That's a ridiculous excuse. Allow me to demonstrate why it's just a ridiculous excuse and never mind all the nonsense you hear about meditating, self belief, self hypnosis, psi-balls, chi. PK, will-power, focusing your energy, etc. that is all a load of cods-wallop designed to maintain the self delusion.

If it really is you moving the psi wheel by the power of your TK, and it's only the glass preventing you from doing so, then let's just put that daft idea to the test, it's very easy to do. All you have to do is control the movement of the psi wheel when it is uncovered in order to prove that it is your TK and not air currents moving it. You just have to say in advance which direction it will rotate then make it do it. What could be simpler? However, there are a few simple rules to follow, and they really are necessary I'm afraid, because without them it could still be air currents or heat causing the movement. This is what you have to do:

1) Do not allow your hands to come anywhere near the psi wheel, as static or heat from the hands could spoil the test. Try and keep a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) away and avoid hand movements causing a draught. However, if it really is TK you don't need use your hands at all! So DON'T.

2) Use a random method for deciding the direction you intend to make it go. Perhaps throw a dice and call odd numbers clockwise and even anticlockwise, or similar method. This will ensure that you will have no bias over which direction is selected. If you were to choose which direction, that will affect the results as you would choose the direction it most often goes anyway.

3) Write down the selected direction before starting to try and move it, then record your result next to it afterwards.

4) Set yourself what you consider to be a reasonable time, for you, to get it going. Say 30 seconds or, whatever. If it does not move within that time frame that counts as a failure. I expect you may think this is harsh, but it isn't. It is going to move anyway at some point even without your input, so you need to demonstrate it really is you moving it, as you claim it is.

5) If it goes the wrong way that obviously is also is a failure. Just because it moves doesn't count if it goes the wrong way because how then can you then claim it is you moving it?

6) Decide what qualifies as a hit. In other words, how far it has to move. I would suggest something in the order of at least one complete rotation as a minimum is reasonable. Any less is a failure.

7) Repeat as many times as possible. This is important.


The number of times you repeat the exercise is important because we are now talking statistics and probabilities, which is not a good way of verifying anything. For example: I flipped a coin 15 times. You would expect roughly 50/50 heads to tails? Not so, it just doesn't work like that. I actually got 5 heads and 10 tails. At one point scoring 8 tails in a row. The percentage works out 33% heads and 67% tails. If I claimed to be trying for tails you may think that it looked pretty good. The problem then is obvious, you need a large run to allow the probabilities to even out, at least 50 attempts.

If after doing this test as described and you come up with a success rate of 70% or more then that is amazing. Go and book a test with Randi and collect your $1.000.000 because you have genuine TK. As this will not happen however, you will at least have demonstrated that you do not have TK and can put all that nonsense behind you and move on in your life.

The uncovered psi wheel is chosen as a 'beginners exercise' to 'help improve' your TK because it will, sooner or later, move due to the effects of either air currents and/or static. However, because you have sat there for some time trying to make it move, when it does you will think it is your TK doing it. Also because it will not always work, either because the room temperature is too high or because there is no air current, you will form the impression that sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don't. You will then come up with all sorts of reasons why you can't move it today. Tkers will offer up a truly amazing number of excuses that range from the farcical (had a bad day in the office today) to the totally bizarre (I had to make a new psi wheel and its taken me two weeks to get used to it). It is all just a part of the self-delusional programme. Some of them don't even realise it and honesty think they have TK. Many, however, know damn well they don't have TK, but for reasons best known to themselves, pretend they have and keep on posting really silly, and quite pathetic, claims of their 'abilities'. It's all very sad.


Rotating straw test

The trouble with this test is that it is virtually impossible to eliminate static. When you look at my videos you can clearly see how powerful a force static can be. Not only that, the straw has of course a curved surface, and the bottle also has a curved surface. Balancing the straw on the bottle is very similar (but not identical) to balancing one football on top of another, it makes for a very unstable arrangement. Because of this unstable arrangement the straw will move very easily due to perfectly natural causes, such as the smallest of air currents or the smallest of changes in static charge.

The simplest way to get around this problem is to abandon the straw and use a cocktail stick instead as it offers a number of advantages:

1) Being made of wood it will not react to static, so that problem is instantly and easily solved.

2) Being lighter than a straw it will take less 'TK energy' to move it. TKers like to move as small an object as possible.

3) Having a much smaller cross-section than a straw it will be a lot less liable to move due to air currents.

It is quite obvious then that a wooden cocktail stick would be a much more sensible item for beginners to practice with. So why don't they? TKers will even go to ridiculous lengths to show they have eliminated static as far as possible, when common sense tells you that they should eliminate the straw! So why don't they?

The reason is obvious. They can't move the cocktail stick because it does not react to static and takes a lot more air currents to move it! They would not get a 'TK' result. This is why the straw is used for beginners, just as the psi wheel is, because they both produce a result that looks like TK, but it isn't though, its just basic physics and has nothing to do with your non-existent TK!

If you really think you have TK, and you simply must have a straw because you can't do it with a cocktail stick because (fill in pathetic reason why not here) then do the same 'control test' for the straw as I described for the psi wheel and you will again soon realise that you have no control whatsoever and therefore have no TK whatsoever.

That was easy wasn't it!

You have now proven to yourself that you do not have TK, so stop making a bloody fool of yourself in front of your friends and family and get a life.

No need to thank me, just doing my job, educating the ignorant.


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