How to demonstrate TK, with an ice cube.

February 6th 2005

Hi Greg, aka Placebo

As it's now a month since you resumed practicing your TK following the Christmas break, I decided to take another look at your site today, Placebo's TK Journal just to see how things were going.

Not going too well is it. Still not up to that amazing standard you claimed you were at before Christmas, when you claimed "70% control". But maybe it is going well? Hard to tell from reading your site to be honest. "I haven't had a lot of time to TK the last few days. Busy busy busy and 2 days ago I suddenly found myself unable to do any TK whatsoever" Further down the page though you mention "Anyway, yesterday evening I was almost on par again - and this morning my damn alarm didn't go off so I missed TK practice again. But based on yesterday evening, I'm quite confident that it was just a temporary glitch". What the hell, it doesn't matter one way or the other.

The thing is Greg, you never had 70% control, you just THOUGHT you did., but as soon as you actually try to start to measure it you quickly realise that you have no control. It's a bit like when people complain to a customer helpline and say "This is the tenth time I have called you this month to complain about my computer", when in fact the records show it is only the fourth time, it just felt like ten. You felt as if you had a lot of success with your "control" in rotating the straw, but as you had never actually bothered to record it your estimate of 70% was nothing more than a subjective feeling, not an actual result, and nothing like the actual result.

I appreciate that you really do want to show us all that you really do have TK, not just with your straw video showing static at work, but by showing a rotating melting ice cube, but can't easily manage that as you use a web cam. I imagine that the reason you can't bring the ice cube up from the kitchen to the computer is because it only works in the kitchen, or something like that. But I do feel sorry for you, because it would be so very convincing if we could see you do that. I mean, Wow! A melting ice cube that rotates a tiny little bit! Wow!!!! Here is what you said............

"The ice cube doesn't move that fast - I just like the fact that it rotates at all ...... PS: About the ice cube - I'm not talking about an ice cube sliding on the desk - that could easily be a slight slope on the surface. I was spinning it slowly. Very slowly."

You know, sometimes I can't decide if you TKers are taking the piss or if you really are that stupid! Naw, I can decide.

However, in order to encourage you back to full strength, you can watch my inspirational video of an ice cube rotating, just a little bit and very slowly, but rotating. I hope it helps encourage you. I actually found it very difficult to do. I had to place an ice cube on a plate and watch it melt. It takes months of practice to be able to do this, as you know, so don't give up Greg, let this inspire you. .


Keith rotating an ice cube, just a little bit and very slowly. But it is TK. Isn't it?

I have no doubt that you will say that it doesn't move the same way as yours. Your one of course rotates one way and then the other way under your full control, levitates up to the ceiling, turns three double backflips on the way down, and when it lands balances on one corner for a full minute before going into an Irish Jig, and then - most amazing of all - finishes by turning into pool of water.

But hey, I don't say my vid is proof of TK, or that I believe in TK, or want to discuss its existence or not, or talk fluffy stuff about TK. I just offer the vid as my experience of a melting ice cube.

Hope it helps.


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