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Before starting I feel it necessary to clarify one thing. TKers constantly accuse me of having 'a closed mind'. They say I should 'open up my mind' to the possibility of TK being real. I have demonstrated that I do not have 'a closed mind' by carrying out research and carrying out tests on the psi wheel and the rotating straw. I have worked with Tkers in an effort to fully investigate what TK might be. What I have discovered is that the psi wheel and rotating straw move by perfectly natural means and do not require any TK whatsoever. Tkers like to accuse everyone that does not believe in TK of having 'a closed mind'. They clearly do not understand what the term means. What they mean by it is anyone who doesn't believe in TK.

I have always maintained, and still do, that the ones with 'closed minds' are in fact the TKers themselves because they refuse to accept anything that does not support TK. You want proof of how tightly shut their little minds are? Okay, how about this. I have clearly demonstrated that the straw rotates due to the effects of static. Since doing that I have had no end of emails and messages on the board saying that I have a closed mind etc. etc. (Eh!) However, take a look at, under Forums - Telekinesis Theories - My static/tk video. Here you can follow the comments of Data Less. (he calls himself Data Tek). He had emailed me a few times while I was doing my tests and more or less claimed I was stupid to even think it could possibly be static. He has now been forced to climb down, by ppsociety members, and admit it IS static moving the straw. However, in a sadly pathetic attempt to claim that it TK moving the straw, he now claims that the static is a byproduct of his TK!!!!! (It is static Jim, but not as we know it). I wonder why he never mentioned that before I proved it was static? This little gem only came to light afterwards! This - by the way - means that I have really exceptional TK powers, I have not seen any one move stuff like I can! The same applies to my wife, we should be both throwing cars around by next week at this rate! See what I mean about closed minds? None are so blind as those that choose not to see.

I realise that Tkers will not take any notice of anything I have proven or said here. They WANT to believe in TK, very desperately. But do try and take note though, it may save you months of looking stupid sitting there spinning your silly little psi wheel or straw and telling your mates you have TK.


1) You can't prove that TK doesn't exist. Very true. It is impossible to prove anything does not exist, it is only possible to prove that an existing thing does exist. How can you prove that I can't fly though the air like Superman?

2) I can move a psi wheel and rotate a straw by TK, without using my hands. My psi wheel also moves when I am nowhere near it, so does my straw, even if my hands are in my pockets. So what?

3) I have looked at your videos where you move the psi wheel and straw, but it's a bit different to the way I do it. Do I have to do it exactly the same way as you? Everybody is going to have some variation on how they do it. I am just demonstrating how I did it, simply to demonstrate that it has nothing to do with TK. Would you need to drop an identical brick to mine in the same way just to demonstrate gravity?

4) I know it's my TK moving the psi wheel. Really, how do you know that? Cover it with a small glass mixing bowl, as shown in my Covered Psi Wheel Video, then try and make it move. I strongly believe, to the point of being certain, that you will find it will not move now. This is because you have prevented air currents from moving it.

5) No, you are wrong, I am just not skilled enough yet to work through glass. You really belief that? Okay, pick a time when your psi wheel is spinning nicely when you are not near it, then leave the house and go look at it through the window. Is it still spinning? Well done! See, you can do it through glass! So nip back inside and cover it with the glass bowl! Now make it move. Oh dear! What excuse do you have now? Also think about how TK is claimed to come from you, from your 'mind', which is your brain. That being the case then TK, whatever it may be, is able to travel through your brain, through your skull, through blood bone and skin tissue, through your scalp, through your hair, then travel through the air, all without any problem at all, and without causing any disturbance to any of these things, it just passes magically right through them. You think a piece of glass or plastic is going to be a problem to this amazing force? Why? The only 'problem' is that the cover stops the air from moving the psi wheel!

6) The only reason I can't do it is because it's just a mind block sort of thing. How very odd. You have just given a brilliant demonstration of your amazing TK ability by leaving the room and keeping the psi wheel spinning from outside the house, and sending your TK through a glass window into the bargain. Sitting next to it when it's covered by glass should be a piece of cake, if you had TK of course. If not then you have clearly demonstrated that it is air currents and not TK moving the psi wheel. If you still think it is 'a mind block thing' then don't bother to try and do any TK, just relax and read a good book or watch a film on the TV. By doing that your 'subconscious' will move it for you! It must be true because the TKers said it was my subconscious moving my psi wheel, not air currents. (I thought that was a bit pathetic to be honest). If it still doesn't work for you after trying very hard and then not trying at all and letting you subconscious do it, I suggest you give up the idea that you have TK, because you have successfully demonstrated that you obviously don't have it.

7) But I can control the movement, so it must be TK. I doubt that very much. Okay, make a purely random decision, say toss a coin, if it comes down heads make the object move anti-clockwise, tails clockwise. Really make it rotate - the way you claim you can - not just a small twitch! Do this as many times as you can and then see how often you got it right. You should score at least half right by pure chance alone. If you get a result that looks like it's showing you are controlling the movement try a comparison. Just toss the coin say 20 times and write down the pattern of heads and tails and see how it compares to your results. However, the important thing is not statistics and probabilities, it is very simply that if it is you doing it then you should always be able to do it, not just sometimes.

8) But I can't do it every day, sometimes it just will not work. That is because the conditions are not right that day, either the air temperature is too warm for the psi wheel or it is not a good day for static for the straw. Why do you think you can't do it?

9) No, it's not that. It is because I am out of practice, I have not done it for a few days. Why should not doing it for a few days make any difference? You 'know' you can do it, it isn't as though you have never succeeded, so it should be easy to just do it again. Also how do you explain that the first time I tried the psi wheel and the straw they both spun first time? I had never practiced. Makes that argument look a bit silly doesn't it?

10) But I concentrate very hard to make things move, it must be my TK. No, you're wrong, you don't really need do anything at all! If your psi wheel is spinning when your hands are nowhere near it pick up a book and have a read, watch the TV, do some emails, it will still be moving just as it was before, providing it's just as draughty.

11) When that happens it is my subconscious doing it. Really? Why bother to concentrate in the first place then? Why not just read a book? If it is your subconscious then why can't you get the psi wheel, or straw, to move every time then? You can't have it both ways.

12) Because sometimes my conscious self tells me I can't do it and I have to make an effort to overcome this with my subconscious, other times I ....STOP! Hold it right there! Have you slightest idea, the faintest notion, how ridiculous your argument is becoming? How many convoluted excuses are you going to keep trotting out in an effort to explain why sometimes you can do it and sometimes you can't. The explanation is very, very simple. Read my Results Summary

13) But you can't prove I don't have TK. I have already answered this daft claim, see point no.1). Also stop and think about what you are saying: a) If it moves it is due to my TK. b) If it doesn't move it is due to me blocking my own TK with my own doubts. What you are saying then is that whatever your psi wheel - or whatever - does or doesn't do, it is down to you and your TK. Excellent! You have come up with a foolproof way of preventing any sensible discussion on the subject.

14) But lots of other people also say they have TK. Yes they do. They have made the same mistake as you. They moved the psi wheel or straw and thought that demonstrated they had TK.

15) But some of the more skilled ones can move a covered psi wheel. Do you really think so? Ever seen it done live in front of you? I personally doubt that very much. See my page The Covered Psi Wheel Video As for those who claim they can move a covered psi wheel, well, it all depends on how you define 'covered'. Forget the videos, my covered psi wheel video shows how totally meaningless they are.

16) But what about all the other things they can do, as shown on the ppsociety videos? I can duplicate every video they have on their site. In fact I have already put up a page showing myself doing the most popular ones. They were all done in a few spare minutes in the course of just one day. Forget the videos, they are meaningless.

17) Are you saying that all the ppsociety videos are fake? I can't prove if they are or not, and equally important nor can you. Let me just say that I am deeply, very deeply, suspicious. I don't think they are all fake, the ones that don't look fake just look ridiculous. A melting ice cube that moves? That's TK? Not many members have videos up do they? And anyway, just look at them! Do you honestly think they look convincing? Now look at mine.Silly stuff. What's the difference? Why is it ppsociety refuse to acknowledge that their videos show TK? Not difficult to figure out is it?

18) And all the comments from other members, about the things they do, are they all fake? No, not all of them are fake. Most of them that talk about their TK experiences talk about the psi wheel or rotating straw. They are only reporting what they have experienced, and because they haven't thought about it, or read this site, they just assume it to be TK. The site actively encourages this belief of course. Some of the stories posted by members are clearly tall stories. Some of the are clearly taking the micky! One new member even asked why his psi wheel wobbled about when he put it on top of his TV! And you know what, other members even offered support on how to get control back. I laughed so much I nearly cried! Not one of them thought to ask our cheeky newcomer if his TV was on and hot at the time! Idiots.

19) Not all comments are about the psi wheel and rotating straw. True. Some claim to move chairs, turn lights on and off, levitate stuff and all sorts of claims. Believe it if you want. However, a great many of the comments are about having days when they can't move the psi wheel or straw. (They are given all sorts of amazing advice, they should just read my page on how to do it Videos) They also complain a lot about not being able to 'progress' beyond this 'beginners' level. I am not all surprised. So why do you think they can't? Oh yeah, I forgot, they are trying too hard, negative thoughts, blah blah blah.

20) So do you think that none of them have TK? Correct, I do think that! If they did have TK, why not prove it and make a fortune by being the first person ever to successfully demonstrate anything paranormal. Ever lasting fame and fortune beckons.

21) The ones that have this wonderful gift of TK do not want to prove themselves, they are happy in their own knowledge. How touchingly sweet. Why then are they posting videos and messages on an internet open web site telling the whole world about their TK and contacting me to try and convince me as well? If they could really demonstrate TK they would do it.

22) Maybe they are not sure enough of there ability to be able to do it when asked by the scientists. That doesn't make sense. One minute they claim they can move a covered psi wheel, they have control over it, they can make it move this way and that at will, from a distance, without their hands. They can levitate stuff, turn lights on and off, create 'psi balls'... blah blah blah, then they say they can't do it if asked? What a heap of garbage! Talk a good fight don't they? Personally, I can walk on water, but not when asked.

23) Well, I believe in it anyway, science doesn't have the answers to everything. True, but what has that to do with it? Someone first needs to actually demonstrate to a scientist that TK exists before the scientists can start to analyse it. You may as well ask them to explain how the Loch Ness monster breeds!

24) Well, I don't care. I believe in it anyway because it makes the world seem better place if there are still mysteries. Good for you.


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